In addition to my work as a writer, I edit nonfiction book manuscripts, long-form narratives, essays, and more. Please get in touch via catherinebuni [at] gmail.com and we can discuss your project.

Here are a few recent testimonials:

“As an editor Catherine has brought to the surface the underlying themes in my work that I was trying to articulate but hadn’t fully developed. She helped me to understand my own feelings about what I really wanted to say. In conversation with Catherine, we often came to conclusions that gave my writing a stronger message. I feel better about my work knowing that I put something into the world that was clear and important. My work became much stronger after Catherine challenged me to interrogate issues I cared about; she encouraged me not to shy away from using my voice to create something more powerful and alive.”

— Lisette Poole, award-winning photojournalist and author of LA PALOMA Y LA LEY

“I recently needed to prepare two keynote presentations that I thought of as personal essays and enlisted Catherine’s editorial feedback. Her engagement and thoughtful suggestions helped me substantially toward my goal of sharing personal narrative interlaced with science and data. I remain grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Catherine and her influence on my work.”

— Kara Zivin, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Michigan

“I am a floral designer with a fledgling brand: Bexbloomz. As I develop content for my website, communicate with my customers and broaden my presence on social media, Catherine helps me distinguish myself in a very crowded floral field. Her editorial magic combines with her granular suggestions and elevates my messaging. I do not ever hit send without having Catherine’s imprint—her talent is in her storytelling AND in her ability to make my words bloom.”

— Becky Bridger, CEO, Bexbloomz

“Catherine is a kind and amazing editor. Her feedback is always very meticulous and insightful. Through her help I was able to significantly improve my writing and produce a successful college essay with ease. I would definitely recommend Catherine to anyone who needs help with college essays!”

— Julia Selami, high school senior